"A complete one-stop service built around your recording needs
whether it's helping you to finish your songs, recording that first demo, or
making release ready productions"


There is no one size fits all way to make a good recording. We try to offer the right approach for you, by taking the time to understand your core values, then offer you a package designed around your needs, abilities and your budget. We have the tools to capture vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, acoustic instruments, and computer plugins, and know how best to bring these things to your project.

  • Demo recordings - no frills, just "mic to disk", suitable for song development only.
  • Copyright purpose recordings - protect your work, establish your rights.
  • A&R single song - recorded to a high standard, styled to a given genre, without tailored production.
  • Programming sessions - drum part, bass part, keyboard parts, loops, sound design.
  • Tracking sessions - vocal, guitars, bass guitars, drums, other acoustic instruments.
  • Mixdown sessions - bringing your tracks together and creating stereo mixes. We undertake remixing work, so if you have original multitracked audio you want to rework, talk to us.
  • Mastering session - either all digital or with analogue options, mastering to the correct volume, dynamic, EQ and lead in.
  • CD session - we sequence and prepare CDs to Red Book audio standard ready for duplication.


We believe it's important to make sure that your songs are as good as they can be before you invest time and energy in recording, as no amount of record production or studio tricks can fix an imcomplete or broken song.

Our input can be simply to provide the reassurance that the song is "there", or making suggestions that will improve things like making subtle changes to melody or words. We can cast light on tendencies, bad habits, and blind spots. Or we can give your work a complete makeover - all in the privacy of the studio. It really depends on what you need to be productive.

  • Song consultancy - we will critique material on its merits and provide impartial feedback
  • Song development workshop - you can hone your songs in collaboration with others before booking time in the studio or heading out live.
  • Writing sessions - need someone to work with? We can help.
  • Arrangement sessions - you have your song, but when you play as a band it isn't quite right? We can help with that. From arrangement to choice of sounds.
  • Preproduction sessions - getting your material into shape for recording, which includes being aware of the options you have in the studio, establishing strategies, and getting the right team involved.


When your getting ready to make a record that you intend to sell to your fans, you definitely need to engage a music producer.

Production is about styliing you and your songs for a given market. There is no fixed approach to production - some producers become a member of the band for that project, where others operate in some god-like capacity where the artist does not seem to be so involved. A good producer knows when to interfere, when to take control, when to stand back and let the moment flow. So much depends on how to get the best out of the artist.

You'll hear a lot of street talk about loss of artistic control, selling out, over-produced records and so on - but the truth is that record companies need music that it is easy to promote to their existing fans. Fans like genre definitions that they understand, it makes it easy for them to find and buy your music. The producer's job is to make the record that the artist wants, while increasing their chances of creating a product that they will actually be able to sell!

Most artists experience a sense of losing control of the music as it comes to life mid-project. If you are not good at letting people into your creativity you may struggle with this, but it's perfectly normal, even for experienced artists.

The antedote is trust. When you know that the team around you care about you and your music, you'll find it easier to let go and enjoy the ride.

Is production strictly necessary? Yes, we believe so. Artists need to be in safe and supporting hands creatively, yet also they need a little opposition, the challenge to do better, a little grit in the oyster. Production works. The alternative is "unproduced" music, which to most people - experts and fans alike - just sounds amateur and unfinished, which may prove disappointing to you if your have spent all your money on making an album which no one listens to more than once.

Work Not Play

If are a songwriter, singer or musician we believe you ought to be paid for your performances. We support the MU campaign highlighting the endemic public belief that live music should be free.

We can help you learn how to build your value as an artist, and develop your business skills, ensuring you avoid making poor choices, enjoy more self-respect, and leave poorly paid gigs behind forever.

Musicians' Union Work Not Play